Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shane the Chef

I have been so blessed with a husband that loves to cook! In fact, one of his dreams in life is to own a restaurant. So his Christmas present from my parents this year was so perfect for him. They got Shane and my brother the "be the chef experience" at Benihana.

They went in for a lesson on how to cook hibachi, then they each got to bring back three guests to cook for. It was so fun and Shane loved it! They even got to wear the hat and apron, it was so cute!

My brother, Ryan They were both naturals!
He got to make all the fun things, like the beating heart
and the choo choo train...

And the food tasted good too.

Job well done!!
After dinner we let the kids go play by the fountains in the Shops at Legacy.
They were facinated!
Ryan, still sporting his Benihana gear :)
Shane and Carson
It was a fun night all around!!

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  1. That is so fun! I had no idea they did that...great Christmas present:). I'm hungry.