Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Carson and Avery really got into Easter egg hunting this year.
We had one at MiMi and PaPa's house two weekends ago.
They were naturals!

Digging in!
Then, this past Saturday morning we had another egg hunt at church

Followed up with their friend Emery Kate's bday party and easter egg hunt.
Carson started running a fever right before the party, so he didn't get to go, poor guy!
Avery really enjoyed her cupcake and Peep!
The party was so cute!
The Easter bunny came a little early at our house since I had to work on Easter.
Checking out their Easter baskets

Carson LOVED his new drill
And of course, the grass is more fun than the toys!
They didn't get to go to church Sunday morning since Carson still had a fever, so no Easter morning pictures this year. Oh well, hopefully next year!

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  1. They're so cute. Glad they had so much fun...poor Carson. Stinks to be sick on a special day! Oh well...he still looked happy enough:). Happy Easter!