Friday, May 14, 2010

Crawling and Climbing

Avery and Carson started pulling up to standing this past week. And now they try to pull up on everything. We've had a few more bumps to the head with the discovery of this new trick. They are still very unsteady when they stand and usually end up falling over. It's a long way to the floor from this position too. They get right back up though and seem to be so proud of their latest accomplishment!

Here's Avery going for her favorite toy, my phone. And Carson is in the background with his favorite toy, the remote. Who needs expensive baby toys when you have phones and remotes around....haha!!
Such a big boy!!
Carson started crawling on Monday May, 10th. He doesn't go far yet, but he's getting the concept down! I have a video, but can't get it to upload for some reason. So I'll post it once I figure out the problem :)

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  1. Oh my so much fun! Isn't that so typical? Girls and their phones, men and their remotes! Too funny! :o) Hugs to you all!