Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bye bye swing

I am embarrassed to say that my almost 8 month old baby is still napping in her swing, that is until I walked in and found this the other day:
She looks like she's having fun doesn't she? She was still buckled in, but somehow managed to turn herself sideways in the swing. Needless to say, she is way too big to be sleeping in her swing. So this week I am committed to getting Avery to nap in her bed. She is doing great so far! And, she slept through the night for the first time on Monday night. Well, she actually woke up twice, but was able to put herself back to sleep within a couple of minutes without mommy's help and without a bottle. Yay Avery! This is the first time she hasn't gotten up to eat during the night. Big week for Avery!

Carson had his first tummy bug last week. We've been passing this bug around my family these past few weeks and Carson caught it. He was pitiful, throwing up and was so sad. Here is a picture of Carson loving on daddy.
They are so cuddly when they are sick.


  1. Oh no! Poor baby Carson. I hate stomach bugs. Makes them so sad:(. And that was hilarious of Avery! hahahaha Oh the things we do, just to keep the peace!

  2. I'm telling you- Avery and Noelle are kindred spirits- I feel like I'm reading about Noelle everytime you post something!! Good luck with the sleeping it's so nice when it FINALLY happens!

  3. lol...Avery is a mess! Hope Carson is feeling much better by now and all is well in the house. Happy sleeping! Hugs!