Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We survived!

Well the twins survived their first colds. Avery woke up last Monday with congestion and a runny nose. It was so sad. My mom called me later that day and told me that my neice Kennedy had the flu. The kids had all been together over the weekend so I immediately convinced myself that Avery's congestion was the flu. Then my ICU nurse-mind went crazy and all I could do was picture my sweet baby girl in the hospital on the ventilator. (I know, so dramatic) After some guilt, tears, and a lot of worrying I realized that she was fine and it was most likely just a little cold. By Wednesday Carson had caught it. No fever or yucky cough, just lots of saline and suctioning. I think they are just about tired of the big blue suction bulb coming at their faces all the time! They are just about back to normal thankfully! Next time they get sick I will hopefully be a little less of a drama-mama!

Otherwise, we had a great week! Carson and Avery are 7 weeks old today. They seem so big to me already. Sunday night was the first night they slept 4 hours between feeds. It didn't last, Monday night they were back to waking up every 3. Avery's night time fussiness is getting better. We've discovered that the girl loves her swing. We can swaddle her up and put her in the swing and she will take a great nap! Carson has been wanting to be held a lot this past week. He usually is pretty content hanging out in his Boppy, but lately he has been wanting to be cuddled a lot, so sweet. He may have just been feeling a little yucky. I'm going to miss these days when they just want to be held all day long.

Now it's picture time!!
Cute picture of the week!
I promise they held hands all on their own, I didn't stage it.
Avery is really good at holding up her head.
She just doesn't like being on her tummy for very long.
I love this picture.
Carson's head is still pretty wobbly, but he is starting to hold it up more.
Gotta love bath time!
My favorite pajamas on them. They are just about to outgrow them though. Also, we moved up to size 1 diapers this past week. Now when I look at the newborn diapers, they seem so tiny.


  1. So cute! I'm glad you survived the cold. I did the same thing when Noelle had one, unfortunately it lasted 2 full weeks! Avery sounds so much like Noelle I can't believe it. Everything you describe with her takes me back to Noelle's first few months- the swing was our best friend too!

  2. Girl! The getting sick never gets easier. You kind of learn to control the freak outs, but on the inside....they're still there. Ha! Lots of deep breaths and calm, intelligent reminders to yourself that you know what you're doing. And LOTS of praying!!
    Glad you survived. I'm sure next time will be a little less panicky, but you'll always worry for the worst. The curse of loving something so darn much!

  3. I love these pictures! 7 weeks...oh my goodness! They are going to start getting even more cute and addictive! Enjoy, enjoy! I'm so happy for you all!