Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We took the babies to Broken Bow Oklahoma this past weekend for my family's annual fishing trip weekend. We have been going to Broken Bow for many many years. We used to camp there during the summers when I was growing up. We started making the "fishing trip weekend" an annual thing when I was in college. My dad, my brother, and Shane go fishing early friday morning at lake Texoma and all the girls meet them in Broken Bow Friday afternoon. We have a big fish fry Friday night and then spend the weekend sitting by the fire, hiking, eating, and just spending time together. We usually go the same weekend as the Broken Bow fall folk festival, but this year we missed it.
Let me just tell you, traveling with two 8 week old babies is quite challenging. I tried my hardest to time our driving so that we wouldn't have to stop and feed them on the road, but of course we had to stop both ways for them to eat. They did pretty good though. My mom road up there with me which was a lifesaver. She spent the first half of the trip bent over the seat trying to keep paci's in their mouths, and then she finally just got back there and sat in between them. They did much better on the way home. The drive is a little over 3 hours normally, so it's not too far away. I have decided that we will most likely be traveling by air if we have to go anywhere far. Nothing stesses me out more than a screaming baby in the back seat that I can't reach.
Carson and daddy sitting by the camp fire.
This is us trying to take a picture of all the kids with their winter hats on. As you can see, Avery doesn't like hats!
Aren't they so cute in their snow suits? Ok, there wasn't any snow, but it still gets pretty cold there at night.
We had such a fun family weekend!
Can't wait till next year's trip.

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