Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Great Birthday!

I had a great 28th Birthday! Shane kept the babies in the living room and let me sleep all night and then he washed all the bottles before he went to work Tuesday morning! Those are probably the 2 nicest things someone could do for me these days! He surprised me with a birthday cake he made the night before while I was at Bible study! So sweet! We ate dinner on the patio at Christina's, watched the Biggest Loser and spent the evening snuggling with our sweet babies!! I'm so blessed to be 28 and have such an amazing husband and two perfect little babies! Thank you Lord for another year!


  1. How very perfect! You ARE very blessed and I'm so happy for you! Happy belated birthday Kelly!
    Love and hugs!

  2. Sweet husbands are so awesome:). So glad you had a great bday. I thought about you...glad the babies are doing so well!! Give em hugs.

  3. Kelly---Happy birthday and congratulations on such BEAUTIFUL twins! You are so blessed!