Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a fun Easter weekend! Saturday we went over to Sean and Chelsea's house for an Easter egg hunt. The kids were so excited!

Cade's first Easter egg hunt. He was a natural!
His walker came in handy for carrying his basket.

So cute!

She filled up her basket!

And he filled up two!
I think these two were a little tired of getting their pictures taken! No smiles!
All the kids digging into their baskets.
Easter morning! They were excited to come downstairs to these goodies!

Books and sippy cups for Cade! :)

Sweet babies on the swing, ready for church!
Avery loved her knew Rapunzel doll.
Our church offered family pictures on Easter morning. There were photographers set up all around the church to take pictures of all the families that attended The Heights that morning. I loved that! We took one inside, but then saw that there were some photographers in the courtyard too, so we took some more outside. 
I love how this one turned out!

My sweet babies! Happy Easter!

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