Monday, April 28, 2014

Cade 13 and 14

This busy boy is 14 months old!
He loves to climb already!
He's started do this squished nose smile, it's just the cutest!
More climbing!
He LOVES anything with a flip lid. I walked into the living room to a face full of Desitin.
He's also wants to feed himself yogurt now. Such a mess! He has a mouth full of teeth now too. Eight in the front and two top molars. We have finally made some progress with him eating fruits. He loves watermelon and strawberries! Yay! We've tried introducing whole milk, but he's not a huge fan yet. He'll drink a little, but not much. I think I'll have to completely stop nursing before he'll really be interested in the whole milk. And this boy has no plans of weaning anytime soon!
We bought Cade one of these glow sea horses when we started sleep training. He wasn't too much of a fan at first, but now he's gotten all attached to the thing.
He loves to cuddle his lovie and his "baby" which is what he calls it. He started saying "baby" about a month ago. I was holding a baby doll and he reached out and grabbed it out of my hands and said, "baby." Now he calls everything baby!
Cade took his first steps on April 7th, but he isn't officially walking yet. He gets so excited now when he takes a few steps. He starts clapping for himself then takes his steps, it's so funny. He'll take about 7 or 8 steps now before falling, but his preferred mode of transportation is crawling. Or walking behind his push toy, he loves this thing. He pushes it all around our house and has gotten really fast at it. We pretty much take it everywhere with us. 
I love this picture! We gave him a piece of pizza at Ryan and Tiffani's gender reveal party and he just walked and ate. It was so cute!
He's also has figured out how to use the phone. They pick up on things so quickly, it's crazy!
One more of this sweet smile I love so much!
Happy 14 months sweet boy!

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