Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Valentine's Day

Carson and Avery were very excited to celebrate Valentine's Day at school this year!
Please excuse the half wet, post teeth brushing shirt she's wearing :)
Ready to jump out of the car for school!
The kids have been loving carpool this year!

My sweet little heart breaker!
Valentines Day was on a Friday this year, so Shane decided to take Avery on her first ever daddy-daughter date! She got all dressed up and I fixed her hair in a heart braid for her big date!
Flowers from her daddy!
Love these two! Such a good daddy she has!
Avery made this little "purse" out of an envelope and string to carry all of her valentines she made to give to any of her friends she happened to run into while out on her date. Too funny!
While Avery was on her big date at the "hachi bachi" restaurant, my two little dates and I enjoyed dinner at Chipotle. Then we all happened to run into each other at Yogurtville and enjoyed some frozen yogurt together. Such a fun night!
I was able to get a couple of pics of Cade in his cute Valentine's Day shirt!
She sure loves this baby boy!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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