Monday, March 10, 2014

Cade, One Year!

This busy boy is one year old! How can it be? I mean, seriously, didn't I just have him?
Look at all those teeth! He has 8 now.
Getting his one year picture was really tough this month. He is one busy little man!

Cade loves laying his head down on things and saying, "nigh-nigh" So cute!!
He is looking too cute in these new clothes he got for his birthday. How cute are skinny jeans on baby boys?!?

I tried getting a picture in his "happy birthday" baby leggings.
This was Cade's reaction when I took his little bottle of shampoo away. In fact, this is his reaction when you take anything away from him, or when he wants something he can't have. He's figured out how to throw fits!!
I feel like he has changed so much over the past month. He's walking behind his little push toy now, and has gotten really good at it. He pushes it all around the house.

When he can't find his push toy, Avery's doll stroller works just fine.
He can stand holding on with one hand, but sits right down when he lets go. I'm hoping that walking is still a couple of months away. He's gotten really good at cruising along the furniture though.
The dishwasher is one of his favorite things to play with. He comes flying into the kitchen anytime he hears me open it!
We have made huge progress with drinking from a cup. Cade has finally figured out how to drink out of a straw and will now drink water and juice from a cup! He still hasn't figured out how to drink out of a regular sippy cup, but he loves the straw cup, so I'm thankful for that!
Cade has taken a huge interest in what his big brother and sister are doing. He stands at the back door when they're playing outside and just watches them, while banging on the glass.
He crawled over and joined Carson and Avery's tea party one day. He actually sat there and played with them for several minutes, it was so sweet!

He LOVES Avery's American girl doll. Or "Re-merican girl doll" as Avery calls it. (This is actually a knock off American girl doll. Avery hasn't discovered the world of American Girl just yet, thankfully). Anyway, Cade loves to play with the dolls hair. He gets so excited when he sees Avery playing with this doll.
I love his face here. "Let me get my hands on that hair"
It's so funny to me that he likes this doll so much.
I love when he sits on his little knees like this. It's so cute!
At one year, Cade:
-weighs 22lb 9.5oz (50%) and is 30 3/4in (75%)
-is crawling everywhere. He's gotten quite efficient at crawling. He's very fast.
-loves to sort things. He loves to pick things up and put them into different bowls
-has discovered the toilet! If he sees the bathroom door open, he high tails it in there to splash in the bowl. Yuck!
-he also has a fascination with the trashcan! He loves to open and close the lid. So gross!
-also loves opening and closing the microwave door.
-shakes his head no whenever he doesn't want something. Usually with food.
-loves to give fives. This is his favorite game to play with his daddy.
-points at everything. It's so cute! He puts that little index finger out and points away.
-likes to feed us food, especially Carson and Avery
-Says, "uh-oh" "nigh nigh"and "ball" now.
-Loves to play peek-a-boo. He puts his blanket over his face, pulls it down and says, "boo" Sounds more like "bah" though. It's the cutest thing.
-gives the best kisses. Big, open mouthed kisses. So sweet!
-Is still nursing. Usually 4 times during the day and once at night.
-loves to eat! And loves to throw food on the floor. His favorite foods are chicken, cheese, ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, and bananas. He also loves pretty much any of the fruit/veggie packs. He won't eat chunks of fruit though (except for bananas) but he'll sure suck down a fruit pack in a hurry. I think it's a texture thing.
-Is doing SO much better at night! We started letting him cry it out around 11 months and it took about 3 weeks before he got the hint that he wasn't coming back to mommy and daddy's bed. He cried for almost 2 hours every night for a week, it was awful. I had made it my rule that if he woke up before 4:00 I wasn't going to feed him and I really stuck to it for those 3 weeks. I've gotten a little more relaxed about that rule now that he's doing so much better. He's only waking up once a night now usually around midnight or 1:00 and I nurse him and put him back in bed. Sometimes he cries for a minute or two, but he goes back to sleep and usually sleeps till the morning after that. He can finally self soothe, and often will get himself back to sleep before I even go in his room. It's so great! It's also made a huge difference in his naps during the day. He's taking 2 good naps (usually) during the day. It was so hard to let him cry so much during the night, because I know he didn't understand why I wouldn't pick him up, but it has definitely paid off. We are all getting more sleep, and Cade is so much happier during the day!
Happy first birthday sweet baby Cade!

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