Friday, August 30, 2013

Cade 6 months

My baby is 6 months old! Did I really just type that?!? I can't believe that he is half way through his first year! 
Cade had is 6 month appt on Monday and weighed 18lbs 3oz (50-75%) and was 27 3/4in long (90%). He's slowed down a little on his weight gain. He'd been sick for the past two weeks (RSV) and not eating as much as he usually does, so that's probably partly to blame. We decided to hold off on his vaccines for another week since he was finally starting to feel better from being sick. Poor guy. His vaccines wiped him out last time, so I just wanted to give him a little break before we make him feel yucky again.
This is what he does when I try to get him to sit up...leans way over till he falls. I think it's going to be a while before he's sitting up on his own.
We started solids this week. Baby oatmeal. He didn't quite know what to think of it.
What is this stuff mom?
He got the hang of it after a couple of nights and actually seems to really like it. He even opens his mouth when he sees the spoon coming now.
He tries to grab the spoon out of our hands the whole time he's eating.
At 6 months Cade:
-is such a busy baby. He's nosy and wants to be a part of everything that's going on.
-loves playing with my hair when I hold him, SO sweet!
-grabs anything and everything that he can. If he can reach it, he will try to grab it...and then put it straight into his mouth. He's also started grabbing our faces when were holding him, I love it!
-loves to spit and blow raspberries and thinks it's hilarious when we do it back to him.
-is starting to make the cutest little "lala" noise with his tongue.
-is starting to scoot a little when we put him on the floor. He spins himself around on his tummy and can scoot forward a little bit. 
-is wearing size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes. He can still fit into some of his 3-6 month clothes too.
-is still toothless. I keep thinking the bottom two are going to pop through, but still nothing. Thank goodness, I'm not looking forward to nursing a teething baby!
-is finally starting to have somewhat of a nap schedule. He usually will take a good morning nap, like 2 hours (in his swing) and at least one, sometimes two afternoon naps. They're usually only like 30 or 45 min each though. Night time, on the other hand, is all over the place. I usually get him to sleep anywhere between 8:00 and 10:00 and he's usually up again around midnight to eat. Then he usually stays in bed with me the rest of the night and eats a couple more times. He's been really fussy during the night the past couple of weeks (from the RSV) and has been waking himself up coughing a lot. He's better for the most part, except for that nighttime cough that is lingering. He also has rolled onto his tummy a couple of times in his sleep. So cute!
I wish I would have sent this Bumbo back when they had the recall for the straps. He can just about arch himself out of it. I'm telling you, he is going to be into everything when he starts crawling. SO busy!
He loves his brother and sister. They keep him entertained. He loves to watch them when they're running around and being crazy. And they love to make him laugh! 
Happy 6 months my sweet happy boy!

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