Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cade 5 months

This happy boy was 5 months old on 7/23.

He didn't want to sit still long for his 5 month picture.
Starting to tri-pod a little.
At 5 months Cade:
-is wearing 3-6 month clothes and some 6-12 month too.
-wearing size 3 diapers
-loves to spit and blow "raspberries" at us with his lips
-is rolling from back to front, almost immediately when you lay him on his back. Which has made diaper changing fun these day. I'm already having to wrestle him to get his diaper changed. (He rolled from back to front for the first time on 7/2)
-still not doing great with the bottle. He'll take it reluctantly, after much protest.
-is doing much better in his carseat. He will actually nap pretty well now if I time it right. 
-is still only sleeping till about midnight or 1:00 before waking up to eat. It's going to be a while before this boy is sleeping through the night. And it's all my fault :) I've created a little monster. A co-sleeping, cat-napping, baby-wearing, mama-loving little monster...but gosh he's cute...and honestly i wouldn't change any of it. He may be ruined, but he's my last (according to Shane that is) and I'm soaking it up.
Like I said, he's a little cat napper, usually only 30-45 min at a time. He usually sleeps in his swing, or the porch swing,
or the baby swing at Kiki's house. Apparently the boy likes to swing!
He still loves the Ergo, and usually falls asleep in it. I'm so thankful he likes baby wearing because it's sometimes the only way I can get things done at my house.
Cade's newest fascination is his feet.
He discovered them a few weeks ago
And now he grabs them immediately when you lay him down.
He even discovered that he can put his toes in his mouth. So cute!!
He still randomly sucks his fingers, then all of a sudden he discovered his thumb. He's only done this once, so I think it was just a fluke.
And he loves sticking his tongue out now too!
I think his eyes are definitely going to be blue and his hair blonde. So different from Carson and Avery. 

Cade's favorite toy is this chain of rings. He loves to grab and chew on them. I think he may be getting a tooth before too long.
He still loves his jumper, for short little spurts
I just love all of his little expressions!
He likes to hold onto this bar, it looks like he's trying to drive.
He smiles just like Avery did...mouth wide open!
Happy 5 months sweet boy!

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  1. Too cute! He does look like Avery with that open mouth smile!