Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve! I love the excitement of Christmas being the next day! I love the candle light service at church and I love spending the day with my family! Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days of the year!
Family picture at church.
The kids did great during the candle light service. They got to go sit up front and listen to the pastor's wife read a Christmas story. They loved listening to the music, and were pretty quiet during the message, but their most favorite part was definitely lighting their candles! They were mesmerized!
After church we went over to my parents house for their annual Christmas Eve party.

The kids love wearing Papa's dancing hat!

Avery, Kennedy, Britty, and Tay
Playing left, right, center. I actually won one of the games this year!
All the kids working on a puzzle
KiKi gave all the kids Christmas pj's again this year, so sweet!!
They looked so cute!
Carson is a tad outnumbered, he'll be excited when baby brother is here to help offset all these girls.

Sweet cousins!
Miss Berkley Grace
After the party we headed home to get ready for bed so Santa could come. The kids put out cookies and water (Carson said Santa wanted water, not milk) then headed up to bed!
Merry Christmas Eve!

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