Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas day was so fun this year! The kids were so excited and, as usual, woke up very early to see what Santa brought!
Carson spotted his "kentar" right when he got downstairs.
And tore right in.
Mimi and Papa came over to watch the kids open their presents
Avery didn't waste any time digging in to her gifts either.

Opening up their stockings

Carson sang us a few songs
And loved playing with his new train table

He even got to video tape for a few minutes.
Helping daddy open up some of his presents
Not sure who is more excited about the new t-ball set,

Avery loves her new doll house.

After we opened up presents from Santa, we headed over to MiMi and Papa's house for lunch and some more present opening.

Everyone enjoyed Carson's new bike from MiMi and Papa.
They both passed out on the way home.
We got a very special present this Christmas....SNOW!!
This is Carson and Avery's 2nd white Christmas which is just crazy for Texas!
We bundled up the kids and headed out into the snow to play for a little while before it got dark.

They had so much fun!
Attempting to build a snowman with daddy
Merry Christmas!!

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