Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween 2012

Carson and Avery had several opportunities to wear their halloween costumes this year. This was the first year that they really had an opinion about what they wanted to be. Avery insisted on being Minnie Mouse (I wasn't surprised at all...she loves Minnie) and with a little prompting from me, Carson decided to be a cowboy (we already had the clothes from his cowboy bday party, I just added the chaps and he was ready to go). 
We went "trunk or treating" at our church.

They enjoyed filling their pumpkins with candy,
playing on all the inflatables,
and getting to see all their friends. 

We also went to the Halloween carnival at Kennedy and Taylor's school.
I didn't get any pictures of them with Ken and Tay though,
but I did get some of them playing all the fun games they had. They loved it!
And finally, Halloween night!
We went to a few houses in our neighborhood.
Our neighbor Jim goes all out for Halloween!
Then we headed over to Nonna's (Kennedy and Taylor's other grandma who lives in Murphy) house to go trick or treating. 
Avery, Carson, Kennedy, and Taylor
And this year we had a new little addition to our trick or treating group... little miss Berkley Grace
Who dressed up as an ice cream cone. How sweet is she?
Our trick or treating group is getting bigger every fun!!
The kids loved it!

Digging into their candy back at Nonna's house.

And perhaps the best part of the night for Avery was getting to hold Berkley. She had been asking all night to hold her and she finally got to. She was so sweet with her!
Happy Halloween!

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