Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Dallas Zoo

Last week was Carson and Avery's "birthday week." Their birthday was on a Saturday this year so we had a whole week to celebrate leading up to the big day! We started out the week with a trip to the zoo with MiMi. On Monday's you get a discount on your zoo admission if you ride the Dart Rail, so we thought we'd give it a try. It was great!! So easy and so much cheaper then driving and paying for parking. We got on the train right at George Bush and it took us straight to the zoo without having to change trains. It was about a 50min ride, which I was a little nervous about, but they did great!! Carson was so excited to ride the train. It however wasn't quite what Avery had in mind, she kept saying, "Where's the big red train? This is a bus." Ha
It was a hot day at the zoo, but the kids had so much fun!

We saw the penguins

My favorite, the giraffes

Waiting the feed the giraffes, they weren't too interested in eating that morning
We finally got them to eat our lettuce

A cheetah (I think)

Elephants, zebras, and more giraffes
Avery impersonating the monkey's

I love this turtle statue

My sweet babies!! They do love each other (sometimes)!
Carson passed out within 5 minutes of the train ride home, he was exhausted!!
Not this girl, she talked the whole way back, and tried on some of MiMi's lipstick!
We had a fun day at the zoo!!

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