Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Very Rainy Birthday!

Carson and Avery had a fun "cowboy" birthday party this year, though it didn't go quite how mommy planned it. This year I decided we were going to make things easy and have their party somewhere else. I booked the Owen's Spring Creek Farm for their party. They have a cute petting zoo area where the kids can feed the animals and a hay ride. I was really excited about having the party there and of course it poured down rain all day long the day of their party. So sad. We ended up moving the party to our house. The kids had no idea and didn't realize that we changed their party last minute, they only cared about seeing their friends and blowing out their birthday candles. So it all worked out!
Here's my cute little cowboy and cowgirl!
Thanks to my sweet husband and mother in law we were able to pull it all together Saturday morning, and I think everything turned out pretty cute!

I turned my dining room table into a "decorate your cowboy hat" station.
The kids loved decorating their hats!

My attempt at a group picture in their cute cowboy hats!
Uncle Ryan and Aunt TT
Eating some lunch. Carson and Avery were so excited they got to have their own Dr. Pepper's.
Carson and Avery love their DD!
I made some makeshift hayrides on our patio with our wagons.
I had a few takers!

Not quite the same as a real hayride, but it worked!
Carson and Avery had been looking forward to blowing out their birthday candles for about a month. We'd been to several birthday parties during the month of September, and they were so excited that they would be the ones to blow out the candles today!! They weren't shy at all while people were singing happy birthday to them, they loved it!!

We finished up the birthday party with a little playtime out in the rain!
And some present opening!

The rain boots and umbrellas Shane and I got them turned out to be very fitting presents for this rainy birthday!
Happy Birthday to my sweet three year olds!!

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  1. You are so creative!! What a fun looking birthday party!!