Friday, October 21, 2011

Two, two year olds!

I've said it a lot, but it's just so crazy to me that my babies are two!
They had their two year appoinment a couple of weeks ago.
Avery weighed 26lbs (50%) and is 34in tall (50%)
Carson weighed 30lbs (75%) and is 36in tall (90%)

So, two years has been fun and challenging already! (and it's only been a few weeks)
I thought the "terrible twos" had just hit us early and maybe, just maybe the worst of it was over.
Nope, we are at an all time high of fit throwing, saying no, and fighting, fighting, fighitng. Did I mention that they fight a lot? :)

They are sure cute though, and they say and do so many cute things everyday.
They are loving school, and get really excited when we talk about it. They have a few friends that they talk about, which I think is just the sweetest thing. They don't even cry when I drop them off now, just run right in without looking back (sigh). They are getting a little too independent for me.

Avery loves shoes! She loves when she gets a new pair of shoes and she loves wearing around mommy's high heals. So cute! She also loves the color pink. Everything is pink and the answer to any color question is always pink. Guess we need to work on our colors a little more.
Carson loves pushing his lawn mower around the yard, especially when Shane is mowing. He gets so excited when he sees Shane getting the lawn mower out, he starts yelling, "daddy mow, outside" over and over!
They are loving their new kitchen Grand-D got them for their birthday.
Washing their hands, going "beep, beep" on the microwave, and making coffee for mommy and daddy, are some of their favorite things to do in their kitchen.

We love Carson's hair! It's long, and a little shaggy, and has a little curl to it, and we love how it looks on him. It's still soft baby hair, and reminds me that he is still a baby! He has been mistaken for a girl a couple of times, and we've had several people suggest a hair cut, and we will cut it one day, but not right now :)
Sweet boy, huggning on his baby.
They love wearing their sunglasses.

Avery tries to wear them on her head like MiMi does.
You can see the look of concentration on her face.
Such a handsome boy!
Carson and Avery are just chattering away lately. I am amazed at some of the things they say, and remember. They repeat just about everything I say (good and bad)
Here is what they are saying and doing at 2 years:
-They love singing. Twinkle, twinkle is their favorite right now and they can sing almost the whole thing. They also love, Jesus Loves Me, the Wheels on the Bus, and their ABC's
-They love Target and get really excited when I tell them we are going. Carson starts saying, "pop, pop" (we always get popcorn when we go) and Avery starts saying, "buggy ride" the girl loves riding in the buggy.
-little story: When we were at the doctor's office recently, Avery kept saying, "Nuhcka ball, nuhcka ball" over and over while we were in the exam room and I could not figure out what she was saying until we left to go check out and she ran over to the basket of dum dums and picked one up and said, "nuhcka ball!" That's what she calls suckers now, the "nuhcka" shounds like sucker, and I guess she says, "ball" because it's round like a ball. It's so cute!
-Everytime they get hurt or bump their heads, they run to the freezer and ask for ice.
-Anytime they see a bandaid on someone they say, "oh no, boo boo, kiss it" while they lean in to give the bandaid a kiss, kinda gross but really sweet.
-Carson loves old people, it is just the sweetest thing. He always waves and says hi to any older person he sees, especially if they're in a wheelchair, isn't that sweet?
-They are still obsessed with the potty. Carson has finally pee peed in the potty a couple of time and Avery has pooped twice in the potty. Still not anywhere near ready to potty train them, but they are definetely interested and excited about it.
-They have started telling each other to "moof" (move) and "moof back" (move back), I've been trying to teach them to say excuse me, and they're getting it, slowly.

Happy two years!!

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  1. I can't imagine the work it takes having two two year olds;). They are so cute & have such sweet personalities. You guys are doing such a good job. And...when Parker was 2, she was obsessed with pink. It lasted well into being 3. Silly girls...happy 2 years to those cuties!