Saturday, October 29, 2011


I love the fall!! My most favorite season! Pumpkin patches, the cool weather, pumpkin flavored everything, and tons of outside time are just a few reasons that this is the best time of year!
We've been having so much fun enjoying this beautiful fall weather!
We took the kids to the Murphy Maize Days a few weeks ago.
It was a cute little fall festival just a few minutes of our house.
First time trying cotton candy,
They loved the bounce houses and bubbles,

Carson was in heaven when they let him sit in the firetruck, we had to pry his fingers off the steering wheel to get him out.
Not a happy boy.
Should have taken the family picture before we let Carson sit in the firetruck :)
We also went to visit the Owens Family Farm pumkin patch.
Here they are on the little train ride.

They each got to pick out a pumpkin to take home. Carson was more interested in picking up and throwing the pumpkins down the hill.
Who me??
We have taken a couple of trip to the arboretum.
They love the petting zoo.

Climbing in the pumkins, or "poke-ins" as they like to call them.
So heavy.

We met our friends Eli and Jillian and their mommy Brittney at the arboretum last week.
I love Jillian's face in this picture.
Sweet Eli
More climbing :)

We were able to get a couple of cute group shots,
The candy we bribed them with helped,
Otherwise all the pictures would have looked like this :)
Smelling the flowers,

Happy Fall!

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  1. Great pictures! They are so cute!Looks like you are having a fun Fall!