Saturday, July 2, 2011

19, 20, 21 months

Wow, I'm behind!
It's been a long time since I posted about all the crazy and cute things Carson and Avery are doing.
They make me laugh daily and I love watching their little imaginations hard at work.

Avery is a little mother!! She has really gotten into playing with her babies lately. Gives them their paci's, feeds them her milk and food, and wants to change their diapers. It's so sweet, she really loves babies, just like her mommy!
She has become such a little helper girl. Loves to "help" fold towels, and put away groceries. Here she is helping daddy wash the truck.
Sweet hugs!
The girls loves socks! She has had up to four on each foot at a time.
She loves to raid my sock drawer!
A little sunday morning reading!
Silly girl wearing Mimi's glasses!
Avery is talking so much now. It amazes me the things that she remembers! Some of her cute little sayings are:
-"Thank you mommy" (or daddy, bubby, or whoever else is giving her something)
-"Uh oh baby cry" (when she hears a baby crying)
-"woah mommy" (when I drive over a speed bump or stop quickly)
-"shh, bubby nigh nigh" (with her finger over her lips)
-"shoo fly" (she hates flies)
-"Mommy sit" (while patting the seat next to her)
-"one for bubby" (she always wants to get an extra treat or toy for Carson, and she actually will go give it to him, it's so sweet)
-she's become obsessed with sitting on the potty, and she's actually gone pee-pee in the potty twice, way to go Avery!!
-she also loves to do front rolls and copy her cousin Kennedy's cheers, I see some gymnastics classes in our future!
Carson and Avery have both started doing these cute little "cheese" faces when I tell them to say cheese. They both close their eyes, look up and say, "cheeeese"
Carson, is just as busy as ever! We say almost daily that we need to put him in a padded room and let him run wild. He is just so accident prone, I think it's because he doesn't slow down for anything. He's always on the move!
Carson loves to clean! He is going to make such a good husband one day! He loves to vacuum, he calls it, "ma-moo" and loves to play with the broom!
And he still loves anything electrical. I wouldn't let him plug this extension cord into the plug on the patio so he found a hole in the wood and plugged it into that. So creative!
And then started clapping for himself and saying, "yay," So proud!
Searching for a toy (that's a toy box, not real tires :)
And in he went!
Carson is talking so much more now too! Some of his cute sayings are,
-"oh no" (followed by whatever he is saying oh no about.)
-"nope" (when I ask him if he wants to do something)
-"moon, shhhh" (he loves the moon, and I think he says shhh because of the book Goodnight Moon-and the quiet old lady whispering hush)
-"shhh, baby" (with his finger over his lips whenever he sees a baby)
-"hello PaPa, hello daddy" (sounds more like "heh-row" and he uses just about anything as a phone. His latest phones are the laptop and the straps on the swing. While he's swinging he holds the strap up to his ear and says, "heh-row PaPa" It is precious!)
-"airmane" (while pointing up at the sky when he hears an airplane)
-"poppy, poppy" (which means potty, when he wants to sit on the potty. He'll sit there, but doesn't do anything yet, and he'll still clap for himself and say yay after)
-he has started playing with the back of my hair when I'm holding him, it's so sweet. And he loves to take us by the hand and lead us to wherever he is going. Usually it's out to the swing, the boy loves to swing. I think he could sit in that swing all day!
They are both obsessed with buckles, "bupples" they love to do their own buckles in their carseats, and highchairs. They love drinking from anything with a straw, when I hand them a capri-sun, they both look at me and say, "no no squeeze." So cute! We've also had lots of time outs happening lately. The fighting has gotten out of control, Avery bites, Carson pushes and pulls hair, I feel like someone is always in time out. When I get them out of time out and explain to them that we don't hit/bite/etc, they've started saying, "O-tay mommy" and then they say sorry to each other which is usually followed up with another round of fighting!! Wearing me out!!

Ok, I think that is all of the "baby book" documentation I needed to do :)
Have a great 4th!!


  1. I can't believe they're so close to 2! Of course, I son is half way there...but still! They are so, so cute. And I'm praying for your patience & endurance:). Times 2...that's a work out! But so, so worth it. Yay for 21 months! And, Tucker is the same way with the swing. Loves that thing...

  2. I'm tired! :o) They continue to be so adorable! I love the toy box picture with Carson going in! And accident prone...sounds like another little boy I know...they just don't know how to slow down! My favorite of Avery is reading the newspaper and of course feeding her baby! Brings back lots of memories! Such a joy and definite blessing! Love and hugs!