Monday, June 6, 2011


We have been busy, busy lately!!
I've gotten so behind on posting... so here is what we've been up to this Spring!
We finished up our Tiny Tots music class.
Daddy got to join us for the finale.
They really loved music class. Carson was a wild man for most of the classes, but he had fun!
They still sing the songs and do the motions they learned in class, so fun to watch them learning!
The last class was a little sad for me because this will be my last one to do with them.
We've done 3 semesters of Tiny Tots and next fall they will do the class with their preschool (mother's day out) class. My little babies are so big and will be going to class without me... makes me cry a little!

We visited the petting zoo at the Arboretum.

Celebrated PaPa's 70th Birthday
and MiMi's 56th!
Had our crawfish boil!

Carson and Avery's friend Parker loved the crawfish!
Helping daddy and uncle Ryan
But mostly we've just been outside playing and enjoying the beautiful spring weather (which as of this week has turned into hot summer weather...I already miss the spring)

These two love to be outside!
They go staight to the backdoor as soon as they wake up in the morning saying, "Ow-tide, ow-tide"
Which is why all of our outside pictures seem to be in their pj's.
They've been having so much fun with all of our garage sale finds!
The slide,
picnic table,
and their absolute favorite, the swings!!
They would stay in those swings all day!
I'm going to miss being able to go out and play anytime we want... guess it's a good thing they get up early!

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  1. They look too big! But still so sweet:)...& happy birthday to your mom & dad!!