Tuesday, August 31, 2010

11 months

Well, this is it. Our last "month" birthday before the big O-N-E.
Carson and Avery turned 11 months on Sunday.
This is the best I could do for the 11 month picture.
We will try again when daddy gets home.
Having twins is great!! There are so many clever little shirts for twins.
Avery loves to give her bubba kisses.
Mommy's little helpers.
At 11 months Carson and Avery are:
-into everything. That about sums it up!Carson:
My little wild man has been very into pushing his toy house over. He still hasn't learned that it hurts when you fall over with it or when it comes crashing back down on your toes. This toy house is probably his favorite toy. He loves to open and close the window and mailbox and push all the buttons that play music. He's also learned how to throw his toys, which he thinks is pretty hilarious. Carson has started to clap his hands when we sing the "clap your hands" song to him or play patta-cake. He's still really into waving hi and bye bye too. He loves to wave at people. He is walking really well now. Still a little unsteady, but he's getting a lot more confidence. He says mama and dada (Sometimes it seems like it's directed towards us and sometimes it just seems like he's babbling. It's hard to tell). We went to a splash park last weekend with Grand-D. Carson couldn't get enough of it. He really loves to splash in the water. During his bath I have to hold up a towel to keep all the water he is splashing from getting all over the bathroom floor. He gets a little crazy. Carson is such a happy boy! I love watching him explore and play and grow. Happy 11 month birthday my sweet, sweet boy!
Avery: Avery's little personality has really blossomed this past month. She has become such a little talker. She says puppy, bubby (Carson), dada, bye bye, and ba ba (bottle). She loves to wave and say bye bye. Especially when Shane is leaving for work. She claps her hands all the time now. On command and just when she's playing. And she's really into making the "Indian noise," and loves to blow "raspberries" on our arms and legs. Avery has become very affectionate. She loves to give kisses and cuddle with me in the rocking chair. She's also been really into carrrying around her little silk lovey. It usually just stays in her crib, but lately when I go to get her up from nap she has her lovey and her two paci's all packed up and ready to bring downstairs with her (she has to sleep with two paci's now, one in her mouth and one to hold). Avery loves to feed the dogs from her highchair, and she thinks it's so funny to take her paci out of her mouth and put it in mine. She is walking a lot more and getting more and more steady on her feet. Her latest favorite thing to do is open and close the lid on her lotion bottle. She opens it with her teeth and closes it with her hand. After her bath she will sit and do this over and over until I get nervous about her eating lotion and breaking her teeth and take the bottle away from her. Here she is holding her new favorite toy and wearing her ski hat we found when we were playing in the drawers.
Happy 11 month birthday my beautiful, sweet girl!


  1. Whoa. I can't believe they're 11 months. That one always seems so crazy. Next up 1. They're SO adorable. And so fun...fun's the word right:)?! hehe

    Tuck's new favorite thing is the dishwasher too. He loves grabbing the silverware out before I can get to it, so he can chew on it. Fine when they're clean...not so fine when they're dirty. Ick. Boy would he love your kids!!! Busy, busy, busy. Give them big hugs from us...

  2. I LOVE the dishwasher picture. You're such a nice mom...I would never let my kids crawl up there fearing it would break! I'm with Amber I can't believe it's been 11 months! They are SO much fun and looking at y'alls blogs brings back so many wonderful memories! Savor every moment! Thanks for sharing! Love and hugs!