Saturday, July 31, 2010

10 months

Did I really just type that?
10 months!!
How quickly time passes.
We have been busy, busy, enjoying our summer!!
We've been going on some early morning walks to see the ducks and have spent lots of time in the splash pool outside........anything to get out of the house for a while. Carson and Avery have been a little stir crazy lately. I think they are just bored with their toys and their play area. So we've been exploring new rooms in the house and taking trips to Target and Chick-Fil-A..... I know, exciting huh??

I had to be quick with my picture taking this month.
They sat nicely for about 10 seconds

And then they were off!! Both on a mission to get Avery's bow off.
Mission accomplished!!
At 10 months Carson and Avery:
-have a bad case of the crazy-flippies. Diaper changes, getting dressed, and bottle time usually consists of me wrestling them onto their backs while they try and flip over and crawl away. They've been doing the flip and crawl for a while, but it has been really bad lately....they just have much more important things to do!!
-love, love, love eating table food! They much prefer feeding themselves to being spoon fed baby food. They are both really good eaters and will eat just about anything I give them. Lately we've tried: blueberries, eggs, yogurt, cheese, plums, mashed potatoes, and their latest favorite: ritz crackers.
-are really not into drinking their bottles anymore. I am having a very hard time getting them (especially Avery) to drink the "recommended" ounces they are supposed to in a day. Don't think I'm going to have much trouble weaning them off of their bottles at a year. It's getting them to drink at all that I'm worried about.
-are waving bye, bye and Avery will occasionlly say it.
-are both standing on their own. Carson will stand for a while and Avery will for about 10 seconds.
-Carson is taking about 4-5 steps now. Avery is cruising really well along the furniture and transferring from couch to ottoman, but is not quite ready to let go. Good girl...she knows mommy isn't ready for two walkers yet!!
-love playing in my bathroom and closet....they high tail it towards my room when they hear me open the door to go in there.
-are playing tug-of-war with their toys now. If one of them has it, the other one wants it.
-both have their two bottom teeth and a top one that looks like it's about to pop through.
-love when I crawl behind them and chase them. They laugh and laugh.
-are both giving kisses. Avery will do it just about anytime you ask her for a kiss, Carson is a little more stingy with his kisses. But he will always give Avery a kiss. I say "give sissy (or bubby) kisses," and they both lean in, open mouthed, to kiss each other. I love it!! It is so sweet!!
Carson has turned into such a boy lately. He plays rough, plowing over Avery, and pulling her hair. Lately he's been wrestling her to the ground and pinning her. It's kinda funny, but Avery sure doesn't think so. It's not mean spirited, he just gets a little rough now when he's trying to play with her. Carson has been really into opening and closing things lately. He loves closing doors, and drawers (which makes me very nervous about fingers getting smashed). And this week he learned how to open and close the window on their little fisher-price house. That window has provided much entertainment for Carson this past week.

Avery has become quite a curious girl. She has started to climb. She tries to climb on top of the excersaucer and a couple of weeks ago she climbed all the way on top of their activity table. I wrapped our end table in the living room with the babies crib bumpers to keep them from climbing in the table and hitting their heads on the medal sides. However that didn't stop Avery from continuing to explore. Here she is on her way back out.
Silly girl!!


  1. Oh Shane & Kelly, they are just TOO CUTE! I mean really...precious!!! I wish we could see y'all and meet C and A in person!

  2. They are SO busy! Kelly....girl, crazy!! I think Tuck & Carson might enjoy a little wrestling when T's a bit bigger...he's seeming to be a little bit of a tough guy himself. Those 2 are just plain CUTE! So fun.