Friday, September 5, 2014

Cade 18 months

This silly boy is 18 months old!! I can't believe it!

He is smart, sweet, silly, demanding, determined, into everything, and just so darn cute!!

And still such a baby to me!

He's still a big mama's boy! He loves his mommy. In fact, I hear, "mommy, up, up, up, UP!!" ALL. DAY. LONG!! He loves his daddy too, and gets so excited when daddy gets home. He's also becoming a little bit of a MiMi's boy...especially when she gives him candy. He will bring MiMi her purse and say, "Mah-Mah" (more) because he knows she always has mints in her purse. Ha!
At 18 months Cade:
-weighs 25lbs 5oz (50%) and is 33 3/4 in long (90%)
-is saying all kinds of new words. He pretty much tries to repeat anything we say, and tries to copy anything we do (especially his brother and sister...which isn't always a good thing). 
-Is taking just one nap a day now and is STILL waking up during the night. 
-Is wearing size 4 diapers and 18-24 month clothes.
-is running everywhere and climbing on everything!
-waves and says "bye-bye" to everyone
-gives the sweetest kisses and hugs
-loves to throw things in the trash (in fact, my Kindle is missing and I'm thinking more and more that he threw it away)
-loves to sit in my lap and read books
-loves to turn light switches on and off and says, "On, on, on" every time we walk by a light switch.
But the thing he loves to do the most right now is ride on the Gator we got when we moved to our new house. 
If Carson and Avery are outside riding on the gator then he is right there with them the whole time.
He will just sit and ride as long as someone is driving him!
So fun!!
Happy 18 months sweet boy!

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