Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cade 15 and 16 months

Wow!! How is this baby boy already 16 months old?? Time is flying by way too quickly! Cade finally started walking at about 14 1/2 months. Up until then he depended on his shopping cart and walker toy to get around. He's still a little unstable on his feet at 16 months, but is starting to pick up the pace a little. He's even trying to run a little, which usually results in him face planting...poor guy!
At 16 months, Cade is SUPER busy!! We have entered into the "destructive" phase. He can clear a counter, drawer, or cabinet in record time. And he still loves the dishwasher. He comes running when he hears that dishwasher door open!

At Cade's 15 month visit, he weighed 24lbs 1/2oz (50%) and is 32 1/2in. (75%).
He loves to splash in the water!!

And he loves to do whatever big brother and big sister are doing!

First trip to our neighborhood park!
At 16 months, Cade is saying and doing so much! He's still a big time mama's boy (probably because I have his most favorite thing...breast milk...yep still nursing this boy, he has no plans to wean). However, he is starting to get really excited to see daddy when he comes home. He hears the front door open and starts running and yelling, "dada!" Shane said the other day, "I think Cade is starting to like me more." Aww, poor daddy....but Carson was the same way as a baby and now is a huge daddy's boy, so I won't be too surprised if Cade is the same way. Cade is saying so many new words. Nana (banana) Abby (maggie...the dog) bubba, A-bee (Avery), hot, up, baby, eee-up (clean up), pup-pup (which is just about every animal he sees). He loves to wave and say bye, bye and everything is a phone these days. He even picked up my hair dryer a few weeks ago and held it up to his ear while saying, "hello" (sounds more like "heh-ruh") so cute!!
This is a toy cash register at Mimi's house, he was talking on the scanner :)
Cade is starting to like the pool more and more. He loves to climb up and down the stairs, and is becoming more confident in the water... we will be visiting Ms. Tracey next summer for some lessons!
Ever since he was born, he's always crossed his feet. In his high chair, car seat, grocery cart...anywhere he is sitting. I just think it's the cutest thing!
Cade loves to play outside on our patio. And becomes very upset when bubba and sissy go outside without him.
Making a huge mess with frozen blueberries!
At 16 months, Cade is taking just one nap a day (most days), but still takes great carseat naps if we're out and about (which we seem to be most days). He's wearing size 4 diapers, 12-18 month and 18-24 month clothes. He's STILL not sleeping through the night. He will usually wake up once, sometimes twice during the night. He's also developing a little bit of an attitude. He loves to play with Carson and Avery when it's his idea, but if they're doing something he doesn't like, he sure makes it known. 
He is screaming and trying to push Avery out of his car in this picture. Ha!
He still does this little squished nose, crooked teeth smile...I love it!!
He and Shane have started making these faces at each other. It's his "surprised"'s really funny and he knows now that when he does it we will all laugh, which he thinks is hysterical. 

I love his facial expressions!!
Happy 15 and 16 months sweet boy!

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