Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Beach

We had a very fun family trip visiting Travis and JJ in Destin a couple of weeks ago. The kids were so excited! The did great on the plane. Cade even slept most of the way there.
Avery and Cade at the airport.
We arrived in Destin in the early afternoon and hit the beach right away.
The kids loved playing in the sand.

Avery loves her great grandma.
They liked jumping the waves and swinging in the water, but didn't last too long once they got salt water in their eyes and mouth.
Cade getting his toes wet.
We set up a beach tent for the babies to have some shane.
Sweet, sleepy boy!
The next morning we went out on a pontoon boat Travis and JJ rented.
The kids had a blast!

Carson had his ear pressed up to the speaker so he could hear his favorite song...which is "Call Me Maybe"...which we have listened to at least a thousand times the last few weeks.
We rode out to a huge sand bar called "Crab Island" It was so cool. The water was only like waist deep for the kids, so they could walk around and play.

There were tons of crabs in their little shells that you could dig up in the sand.
They had a huge inflatable slide along with a bounce house and trampoline floating on a barge in the water. Carson tried out the slide then swallowed a mouth full of ocean when he landed in the water. He was done after that...poor guy...that salt water is pretty nasty!
Avery had fun on the trampoline
And made her own slide out of the ramp of the bounce house.
They have the best great grandma!
Hanging out on the boat
Family pic

We unfortunately brought a little tummy bug with us. Carson was throwing up the first night of the trip and then Avery was throwing up the second night. It was short lived and did not stop us from having fun.
We went to ride go-carts one night.
(blurry phone pics)
Carson LOVED it!!
We went to a gymnastics place one day while the guys were fishing.
The kids got to run off some energy.

The guys did a shrimp and crab boil one yummy!
We went swimming in Travis and JJ's pool a couple of times.

And took a trip to a place called Baytown one evening. It was a cute little resort type place with lots of restaurants and fun things for kids to do.
They got to do a mini ropes course.

Ride on the carrousel,

And do the trampolines

Avery kept doing back flips

They loved it!
Avery, Barrett, and Carson
Family picture in Baytown.
Carson and Avery got to spend lots of time playing with their cousins. The Daniels have gone from 3 to 5 cousins since fun.
Cade and sweet baby Madison who was 6 weeks old here.

DD with all five grandkids
Shane and his sweet grandma.
Our trip went by way too fast and we finished up with one last trip to the beach the morning we had to fly out.
Sweet babies!
I took Cade down to the water for a few minutes
He was so relaxed.
My three little beach bums!
Thank you Travis and JJ for hosting us, we had a blast and we promise not to bring anymore germs with us next time :)