Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

This summer was kind of a long one, mostly because I spent half of it nauseous and exhausted, but we still got out and did some fun things.
 Shane and I started out the summer with a trip to Cozumel in June for a wedding. The kids stayed with my mom for 3 wonderful was a great trip!
We went to visit uncle Ryan at his firestation in Sherman.
The kids loved it!

They got to spray the water hose 

Sit in the firetruck
and try on some of the gear.
Avery took her first ballet class.

She was a little shy at first, but warmed up quickly and loved her class. It was only a 5 week camp, so we are hoping to do another class this fall.
The kids did lots of fishing with daddy at our neighborhood pond.

We had some fun playdates with friends.
Ellie, Emery Kate, Olivia and Avery
The indoor Safari park

Avery, Carson, Teagan and Gavin
And finally, we wrapped up the summer with me tagging along on Shane's work trip to Newport Beach, California. It was absolutely beautiful there and the weather was amazing!!
It was so hard to leave!
The kids spent a couple of nights in the Woodlands with DD while we were gone.
They had such a great time and DD had so many fun things planned for them.

Overall, we had a fun summer!
And I'm so excited about the fall!!

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