Sunday, June 3, 2012


I am so thankful that Carson and Avery have been blessed with cousins!
It is so awesome that they are all about the same age and get to grow up together!
They have so much fun!
We dug out our old trikes at my parent's house a couple of months ago.
The kids loved riding them up and down my parent's long driveway.

I love this one of Avery and Taylor
And just to show how old these trikes are, here's a picture of my brother and I on one of them.

One of Carson and Avery's favorite things to do when they get together with Kennedy and Taylor is "stunts"
They are always asking to do some of Kennedy's cheerleading stunts.
One of my favorites of the four of them (Kennedy and Taylor don't use paci's, they were just joining in, Carson and Avery on the other hand may go to college with theirs :)
Memorial Day we went over to my parent's house to ride in Shane and Stephen's new mini truck they bought for their deer lease.
The kids loved it!
Don't worry, they didn't ride around like this, it was only for pictures
The kids played "birthday party" in Mimi's kitchen
I love the little games they are starting to make up, their little minds are so creative!!
The girls singing "happy birthday" 

Blowing out the candles

They have so much fun together!
That night we lit a fire in our fire pit and made s'mores
Then turned the music on for a dance party,
Dog pile!!

These four sure do love each other (most of the time)
We also got to see Carson and Avery's other cousin, Barrett this past week. Travis, JJ, and Barrett stayed with us for a night on their way up to Arkansas.
Carson and Avery had so much fun playing with their baby cousin, he is getting much more mobile and is such a sweet and happy baby!
Can't wait till these three are running around together and getting into all sorts of mischief!!
Avery was so excited she got to hold Barrett (although he is just about as big as her now :)

We love our cousins!!

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