Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Carson's New Do

Well, Carson had his first official haircut!
After being called a girl multiple times, we thought it was probably time for a big boy haircut.
I have always loved his little curls in the back and I just love longer hair on baby boys, so I was really sad to cut it, but it was definitely time!
Here is the before picture.
Look how long it is when it's wet.
Bye bye sweet baby hair.

He was a little fidgety, but overall sat very nicely for Ms. Connie.
All done, such a big boy
The back
Here is Carson's cheering squad that came for the big event!
I really love how it turned out!
We went next door to Cheddar's for dinner and Carson got to play with the helicopter that daddy bought him for being such a big boy!

He looks so much older to me now,
but he's still my little baby boy!