Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Old Lady Alert!!

Lately I've picked up a couple of new hobbies that probably label me as an "old lady"!
Couponing! What is that you say? Coupons, that's right.... it's probably not really a "hobby" but with the amount of time it consumes it may as well be. We have been spending WAY too much money on groceries, and household stuff, so I decided to give this couponing thing a try and it is so much fun. I know that sounds crazy, but it really is. I mean who doesn't like to save money?
With the help of I organized my very own coupon book.
It took a little time to make, but once I got it all organinzed it's been really easy to keep up with.
Then I got to shopping, I have a new love for grocery stores.
I've seen the shows where people go to the store and get buggies full of stuff for free, and I always thought it was impossible to do, but it's not.
Today I went to Kroger and got all this stuff for.... drum roll please... $1.52.
I know!! Crazy right?!? The milk was $1.99 (I didn't have a coupon for that) so basically I got everything else for free. We have no excuse for anyone in this house to smell bad, and we're stocked up on hygiene stuff for a while.
My other latest hobby is learning how to sew. I'd been wanting to learn how for a while, so my mom bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and taught me the basics.
My first project was a valance for Carson's room.
Then I made curtains for Avery's room.
My sewing machine has lots of fun stitching options.
I did a swirly one for A's curtains.
If these things haven't already earned me the "old lady" label, then the quilting class I'm planning on taking definately will. I'm hoping (depending on Shane's work schedule...we are going on week #4 of him being out of town) to take a 4 week quilting class at the end of the month. Going from only sewing a straight line to quilting may be a big step, but the class isn't called "pre-school quilting" for nothing I guess!
Anyways, that's it. I'm going to get my cane and reading glasses and get back to work :)

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  1. Awesome. And, you're no old're just a smart one:)! I have a few friends really into the couponing thing too. Maybe one day I'll get over it & start. A lot of work...
    And...that quilting class sounds perfect!! I really want to learn to quilt know, in all my spare time, like you:).