Saturday, January 30, 2010

4 Month Old Jumpers

Well, I guess I should say 4 month old sitters because their feet don't quite touch the floor yet. But they still love their new jumper!!
They love being able to sit up and look at the toys and lights. The long strand of plastic rings are their favorite toy right now.
Happy Babies!!
Carson and Avery turned 4 months old yesterday. Where have these past 4 months gone?
At 4 months they are:
-rolling front to back and back to front. (Avery just rolled from back to front as I was writing this post. I knew she wouldn't let her brother show her up for long. Video to come!!)
-reaching and grabbing their toys that hang above them in the activity gym
-they can spot us from across the room now and follow us with their eyes
-they love, love, love bath time. I'm going to have to move them to the big bathtub soon because they are sloshing water all over the floor in the kitchen when they kick.
-they love when we talk and sing to them. And they don't even care that I have a terrible voice!
-their favorite thing right now is their hands
Avery has become quite the little sleep fighter. She is WAY too busy to nap. There is just too much to do and see, that sleep is just not on her agenda. She does OK during the night, still getting up at least once to eat. During the day she usually just catnaps in her swing. Her favorite things are her paci, her hands, and her silk lovey that MiMi made her. She likes to rub her face on the silk while she's falling asleep. It is so sweet.
This is her latest thing. She puckers her lips and blows spit bubbles.
Shane calls it her Zoolander look.
Carson has started fighting his sleep some too during the day. He likes to be rocked to sleep. But once he's out, he'll take a good long nap. He has slept through the night a couple of times, but usually gets up once to eat still. He usually wakes up so happy and is so excited when we come to get him up from his nap. His favorite things right now are his paci, his hands, and his green knit blanket his great-aunt made him. He is such a sweet, cuddly boy.
Our 4 month check up is next week, so I'll post all thier latest info then.
We leave for Colorado today for our ski trip. This will be Carson and Avery's first time on a plane. I'm a little nervous, but I think they will do ok. Please pray for a safe trip and happy babies on the plane ride.

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