Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby Barrett and Blue Bonnets

Aunt JJ and baby Barrett came to visit us a few weeks ago. 
It was so great to see them and to spend time with this little cutie!
I can't believe how big he is now!
We took the kids to the arboretum one day.
It was fun! My two weren't very excited about sitting for pictures that day :)
Avery loved having Barrett around. She couldn't keep her hands off of him.
We also took the kids to take blue bonnet pictures.
And again, Avery couldn't keep her hands off of sweet baby Barrett!
Fixing his hat for him.
Holding his head.
And a little squeeze. Poor Barrett. Avery sure does love her little cousin!!
Finally giving him some space. What can I say, she loves babies!!
Carson and Avery running through the pretty blue bonnets.

Finally got a picture of this sweet boy looking at the camera!
We got good use out of Avery's Easter dress this year :)
Silly girl
They loved climbing on this fence.

We had a fun few days getting to play with Aunt JJ and Barrett, and we were sad when it was time for them to leave. Carson and Avery loved hanging out with their cousin! I can't believe how big he will be next time we all get together. 
We miss you Baby Barrett!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Very long and overdue Easter post

We had a fun Easter weekend!
Friday we colored Easter eggs on the patio, in bathing suits of course!

Their "favorite" ones
The final result!
Saturday we headed over to MiMi and PaPa's house to celebrate Easter with my family.
The girls took pictures in the neighbor's blue bonnets.

Then the kids hunted Easter eggs.

Digging in!

Taylor enjoyed her candy!
After dinner, my dad got out the riding lawnmower and gave all the kids a ride.
Carson was in heaven!!

Which then lead to four wheeler rides.
They had so much fun!!
We finished up the night with a little dance performance from Kennedy, Taylor, and Avery.

Sweet girls!
Easter morning Carson and Avery got to open baskets from the Easter Bunny

Then we headed out to church.
Forced hug
And some forced hand holding (yes, I bribed them with marshmellows)
Sweet babies!
My three favorite people!!
Happy Easter!